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Minutes of Committee Meeting held via ZoomWednesday 02 Dec 2020 1930 GMT

In Attendance: Matt Beattie (RTM / GM), Dave Arscott (Gen Admin Manager), Geoff Hancocks (Ambassador), Sully O’Sullivan (GOS, Head of Finance), Barrie Buck (Coach), Jim Sheehan (Comms), Darren Robison (O35 Dep RTM / Covid Officer), John McGlasson (050 Coach), Martin Wilkinson (Coach), Sarah Taylor (Match Liaison), Scott Taylor (Club Captain), Gus Payne (Head Therapist), David Salkfield (O50 Capt), Craig Gill (O50 RTM

Apologies:), Rudy Pierre (Membership Sec), Craig Zenko (Sponsorship), Rory O’Hagan (Sponsorship)

Absentees: Bob Green (Coach).

NB: All personnel will be referred to by initials for actions.


1. The General Manager opened the meeting thanking committee members for their continued time and commitment.

The previous minutes were ratified by all and any outstanding or new items were discussed, all of which are detailed below.

2. The RAF FA vets future progression was discussed. MBT raised the potential to move towards a more inclusive team. A Ladies team, Walking Football team and disabled team were all discussed. These will be on the agenda at the AGM.

**ACTION: MBT to extend an invite to potential Ladies Vets players to observe a St Georges park fixture.


3. £500 grant had been guaranteed to the RAFFA Vets, the next meeting BOT meeting, 25 Jan 2021, GH will seek update on the additional £500 requested.

**ACTION: GH to provide an update on his AOR including the BoT meeting.


(RTM assistants, Coaches, Over 50’s RTM, Club Captains, Head Therapists, Kit Man)

Past Fixtures:

4. Over 35’s – NSTR.

5. Over 50’s – NSTR.

6. Club Captain / Player Liaison – NSTR.


7. NSTR.

Head Therapist:

8. Not in attendance due to Covid-19 work; MBT reported no issues and thanked him for his support to the COVID officer to ensure game day compliance.

** ACTION: Head Therapist to provide an update on his AOR at the next meeting.

9. Kit man – NSTR

**ACTION: MBT to confirm canvassing for a kit man prior to next meeting.


(Twitter, FB, Website, Instagram)

10. Head of Comms – MBT re-requested the comms team update the website to match the FB page to ensure we satisfy our sponsorship obligations and send out a consistent and professional message.

11. JS was requested to chase up footage of the October Vets fixture weekend.

12. JS was looking into the possibility of using his own equipment to film / stream RAFFA Vets fixtures in the short term. MW reported the RAFFA had secured the use of Veo from 2021-22, he will report further on potential Vets benefits when he has the information.

13. RAF100: JS has had no reply from Damion Weir, he will continue to try wrt RAF FA 100 2021.

**ACTION: JS to liaise with YB wrt Website.

**ACTION: JS to liaise with DW wrt RAF 100 2021.

**ACTION: JS to update future match filming options.


(Membership Sec, Fundraising Officer, Sponsorship Officer)

14. Finance Officer – GOS confirmed Vets balance £8,870.05 as at 02 Dec 2020.

15. An extension to the current membership fee period to extend to Dec 2021 was proposed. This was agreed by all ctte members.

**ACTION: JS to publicise this on the vets social media platforms.

16. GOS to stand-down as FO at the next AGM / EoS. Paul Stones will likely be his successor.

**ACTION: GOS to provide an updated financial report at the next meeting.

17. 2020/21 Membership – 97 full paid memberships at 02 Dec 2020.

18. Two additional members (preferably serving) required for signatories on the Vets bank account by 2020.

**ACTION: GOS to ensure PS and one other member, potentially ROH are 2nd and 3rd signatories on the bank account.

**ACTION: GOS to send paperwork to DA iot be forth signatory on the RAF FA vets bank account.

19. Fundraising – No replacement appointed yet, NSTR.

20. JS requested ‘Jim the Pilot’ a RAFFA fundraiser to be invited to a future RAFFA fixture and be allowed to be our charity for that game. The ctte agreed, JS to liaise and update at the next meeting.

**ACTION: JS to update on ‘Jim the Pilot’ Fundraiser at the next meeting.

21. Sponsorship – No active sponsorship updates until Covid restrictions ease and normal football resumes.

a. Player Sponsorship

b. Team Sponsorship - £3,200 secured by CZ for 1st team kit sponsor.

**ACTION: ROH to push members to continue to share FB sponsorship pages on a monthly basis.

**ACTION: CZ to investigate potential additional kit sponsorship opportunites.


(Team Photographer, Officials Liaison Officer)

22. Outstanding Fixture – Navy Fixture was proposed to be cancelled by MBT, this was unanimously voted through, and is now off the fixture calendar.

23. Upcoming Fixtures – The fixtures calendar for Jan – May 2021 was re-adjusted to reflect recent COVID cancellations. The 16 / 17 Jan 21 is the next fixture weekend. ST is chasing FA affiliation numbers. Further fixtures are planned be will not be promulgated until COVID restrictions reduce.

24. IS 2020-21 – IS Home venue is confirmed as TNS, 24 March 2021 (TBC) vs Royal Navy. Army fixture TBC.